Goodbye Wayke :')

Ons werk18 oktober 2022

We love to announce new clients. It brings excitement, energy and of course it keeps our business running. A client leaving is typically not something we would announce, but in the case of Wayke, a Swedish market place for cars of about the same age as Lightbase, we will!

Because Wayke was our launching customer back in 2017. It was the first project we worked on as team Lightbase, which was just founded. With our work for Wayke, we have laid the foundation for how we collaborate and build apps. Because it was a large project, it also gave the necessary continuity and stability that is welcome at any start-up company.

With a team of three people we have been building for six months before the app went live on January 29, 2018. Before covid, we've been to Stockholm and Gothenburg regularly to get to know Wayke's team better and to work together. In the first years, the app has been expanded with new functionalities and incremental improvements. The recent period was mainly dominated by maintenance.

Unfortunately for us, Wayke has now decided to outsource the further development of the app to a Swedish company. Closer to home and they speak the same language. We totally understand that. What predominates is our gratitude for the many years of cooperation and trust. Definitely worth dedicating a post to. We will move on, but Wayke will always be special for Lightbase!