Fastned CarPlay app

Fastned, the European fast charging company, and Lightbase have been collaborating successfully on their native apps for years. Lightbase was heavily involved in the launch of the first version of the Fastned app and has occasionally stepped in when needed since then. For example, we recently partnered to launch the Fastned’s CarPlay app.

The mission

Fastned has built and operates a European network of over 255 fast charging stations. For years, it has provided an app that enables drivers of electric vehicles to locate charging stations and view their charging sessions. However, several users have requested CarPlay support, which would allow them to easily and safely find a charging statioResuln on the infotainment screen of their EVs. In response, Fastned has partnered with Lightbase to develop a CarPlay app. More information can be found on Fastned’s press release.

Cooperation & approach

Fastned had a clear vision of the functionalities that the CarPlay app should contain. The app was developed in phases with a project team consisting of people from Fastned and Lightbase. They started with a thorough investigation into the possibilities of the CarPlay ecosystem. It turned out that certain limitations existed, particularly in the field of design, to be able to successfully integrate the Fastned app with the Apple CarPlay ecosystem. 

The team also investigated how to integrate the CarPlay app as seamlessly as possible into the existing Fastned iOS app. Once they knew all the preconditions, the app was realized. Thanks to clear objectives, thorough preliminary research, and smooth cooperation, a committed group of Fastned customers was able to test the app after a short period of time. Soon, the app became completely stable and could go live.  

“The launch of the Fastned Apple CarPlay app is an important milestone for Fastned. We are happy to contribute to safe and convenient electric driving by making it possible to find a Fastned charging station directly via the infotainment screen in the vehicle. Also, the collaboration with Lightbase on this project has been very effective, leading up to the successful delivery of this product”

Robin Wouters, Director of Product and Engineering at Fastned.

The Apple CarPlay ecosystem imposes significant design restrictions on developers. As a CarPlay app developer, you must conform to a limited set of templates, with few options to add custom elements to the interface. This is done to ensure road safety and system uniformity. As a result, designers and developers face the challenge of creating a product that meets both the end user's and the client's needs. Fortunately, we have successfully navigated these constraints, as evidenced by the positive initial reactions.

The first version of the Fastned CarPlay app allows users to view the nearest charging stations on a map or in a list. It is possible to filter results by certain types of fast chargers. Furthermore, users can navigate directly to a station by opening Apple Maps, Google Maps or Waze. Information about availability and rates can be viewed for each station.

Fastned is actively monitoring user feedback and requests. This may lead to further expansion of the CarPlay app and support for other automotive ecosystems in the future.

For more information on how to activate Fastned’s CarPlay App, see their FAQ page.