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Lightbase’s first birthday!

Mathijs Vreeman
November 5, 2018

Exactly 1 year ago, I was at the notary to found Lightbase B.V.. So today, Lightbase has turned 1! It has been an amazing and interesting year from many perspectives. I’ll look back a bit.


The team expanded from just myself to 7 fulltimers. Awesome people (at least 6 of them 😝) with their own qualities and personality, that really make Lightbase into what it is and what I want it to be: a company with a talented and diverse team (yet not diverse enough) that works together on nice projects.


I’m usually not so into clichés but since recently I really feel we have a great culture. One of working together, teaching each other, having fun and delivering solid results. It’s great to see how team members find each other to learn and create together.

This is so cool and important that maintaining it will have my full attention when expanding the team in the future. It should have had my attention 12 months ago too because I have learned some hard lessons.


During the last year we have been working for about 10 clients on about 15 projects. Each client is different and each project too. This nice mix of projects and clients, big and small, complex and straightforward, is nice because it brings variation. A large part of our turnover, however, is coming from only a few clients. That has not really changed in the last year. I will put effort in turning that situation around. The easiest way to do that is to work for more clients. Let me know if we can help you create an app to be proud of 🙂. Check


We have been making quite some different products since we started. The majority of our time we put in apps of course but we have also been building static websites, scrapers and other random stuff. We will focus more on making frontends and backends for web and mobile. Because that’s where we really add value.

Lightbase normally works on products for clients, but currently we are building our own product: Lightbot. Lightbot is a toolkit and platform that makes it easy and painless to build and deploy chatbots everywhere. We’re currently using it for chatbots for clients.


Since the start Lightbase helt office in the Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile, a coworking space just next to Utrecht central station. Yesterday I signed for a new office. We’ll move to Creative Valley on january 1st. An exciting step, but one I’m really proud of. A decent place to work is very important, especially when sitting behind a desk 8+ hours per day.

1/1/’19-> Creative Valley Utrecht CS

Our new place is not cheap, but it’s definitely worth it. The location is just as perfect as Jaarbeurs’s, the building is completely new, good looking and fresh. Creative Valley understands offices and is very service minded. We can grow there.

Now what?

The coming months will be about making plans for 2019. I’ve had some sort of a plan for 2017/2018 of course, but not one with measurable goals.
Since recently I have a mentor who in the last ~10 years has taken the same growth path I wish to take now. He will help me with such a plan, helps me look at things from a different angle and gives advice. Really helpful.

I hope all of the experiences and achievements above make a solid foundation for Lightbase to grow further and I’m really determined to make that happen!

But first some cake and beer 🎉

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